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@ESET Anti-Theft transcends the confines of a laptop and could save your jewellery and other valuables from theft.

ESET Anti-TheftESET Anti-Theft is a great new feature of ESET Smart Security 6.  As the name implies, ESET Anti-Theft offers protection against the physical theft of your Microsoft Windows device by allowing you to notify your installed ESET Smart Security 6 product of a system being missing.

Let’s say someone steals your laptop computer.  It happens.  It happened to me; someone broke in through our basement door a couple years ago, so I know first-hand that it happens.

With ESET Anti-Theft, you login to a web site specific to this feature, and click on “My Device is Missing”.

From that moment on, ESET will notify you through the special web site of any computer activity that is recorded.  When the thief connects to the Internet to check out their newly acquired hardware, your laptop will take a picture of them with the webcam, and log the approximate location of the criminal by way of sophisticated geolocation technology.

It will even let you post a message to the user.  “Give me back my laptop, you filthy animal”, or maybe it’s a teen living at home, and while his parent is looking at the new system he apparently bought from a friend with the allowance he’d been saving, you pop up a message “This laptop is stolen. Please call 555-5555.”  Boy, oh boy, Jimmy is in trouble.

A customer called me today and explained, “My computer isn’t worth anything really… I don’t care if someone steals it.  How do I disable this feature?”

“I’m happy to show that to you, and it’s very easy to disable.  But let me ask you one thing.  If a break-in happened at your house, yes, they’ll probably take your laptop. It isn’t worth anything notable, as you say.  But will they also take the jewellery? Perhaps the TV and power tools?”

I explained that using ESET Smart Security 6 and it’s new ESET Anti-Theft feature isn’t just about recovering your computer in event of theft, but all those other items too.

At the beginning of this post I mentioned that I had experienced a break-in at my home.  Talk about a violating feeling.  But we had no way to track the thief down.  The police found no fingerprints, and the place was ransacked.  Yes, they took the laptop.  But they also took our video camera, and an assortment of valuable electronics which could be grabbed easily.  Had I had ESET Smart Security 6 on my laptop, even though the laptop wasn’t really valuable to me, I could have very possibly recovered everything.

Some Friday food for thought.

Have a nice–and safe–weekend.

– Robbie